Bretonnian banners and pennants in 5 steps


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It is easy.


Naked bretonnian lance is a blasphemy. Blasphemy against aesthetics, against bretonnian knightly myth and against reason. Our knight must be seen in the frey. To whom glory and honour belongs must be obvious instantly. Bretonnian lance “adorned” with pennants and banners made of flat paper is a crime also (after few trips to hostile territories paper will brake and paint will spall). So what to do if you want to have a proper, nice and natural good looking lances adorned with pennant? Continue reading




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“…Thou shalt give unto thine glorious liege the taxes that he requires.

Thou shalt labour all but feast days,

Ano no more than a tenth-share shall you keep for kith and kin.

Rejoice! For a knight of Bretonnia provides you shield…”


I am not a big fan of playing with blocks of infantry but I could not resist the overall image of Perry bretonnian men-at-arms infantry models. Even I will rather not field this unit, I decided to paint 10 models with full command group and make myself a unit just for show purpose. So here is my first man at arms. Continue reading

Bretonnia army book 8th edition




bretonnia army book

There is really no easy answer to the question why Bretonnia has to wait so long for an official army book. For a seasoned veterans it is not a problem, some of you will find that current army list is very efficient and strong. According to Battle Reporter statistics our army is just in the middle of terms of win/loose run. But what for those of us that had found playing with so few units boring? Here is the answer.

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And now it begins.


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Because 20th of January is a good day to start.

I remember this day when the first time in my life my friend had shown me Citadel Miniature of Bretonnian Knight of the Realm Hero. I was barely 17 years old. Today I am 32 and this is almost twice of my age then, this mini is still with me. Repainted few times, most of the time laying in a box untouched by a paintbrush. Betrayed by Hordes of Chaos, Skaven, Dark Elves, Empire, High Elves and recently by Chaos Warriors.

Bretonnia army painting blog

But I made my promise one day to my cousin: I will paint Bretonnian army some day. I will paint it to the highest standard I can to honour my memories from my late childhood. I want to be that boy again, looking at my knights with banners, proudly galloping through a battlefield, to feel the excitement of upcoming meeting with friends to play a game. And of course, being a little bit vainglorious I want people to look at my army wit awe ­čśë