Commission Painting


I do offer miniature painting commission service.


I did start with Bretonnians in 1997. From that time went through almost all armies of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and played some games of 40k with Chaos, Space Marines and Eldar. I play Horus Heresy with Imperial Fists legion. I run two wargaming blogs, one about Bretonnia (or rather what has left of this knightly realm in Age of Sigmar) and one about Imperial Fists. Overlords Club gamer for last 3 years, now gaming at HATE Club in Bethnal Green. With this project and strong focus around solid, regular and high quality painting I want to develop Imperial Tank Studio into the best commission painting service in London.

20 years of experience has given me the necessary self confidence with brushes and paints to start my very own miniature commission painting service in London for you guys. 2018 starts with massive discount for horde armies and bulk orders. Get in touch and let me do the special quote for you! Just paste the code “LADYOFTHELAKE” into contact form and get 15% off price for Mounted models!

Click the image below 🙂