The fair land of Bretonnia as we know is no more. Time to forge new Kingdom with the new King, new Lords, new order and new armies!



Ladies and gentlemen, we all know Bretonnia as we know it from Warhammer Fantasy is not coming back. Sadly, there is no place for shining knights in the Age of Sigmar environment. We can moan, cry and withdraw or we can use it for our joy and with our own imagination. I do not know how about you but I am going to build Bretonnia Realm again, from scratch. New King, new Lords, new leading characters and new heraldry. And I will need you to help me! King is not a king without his loyal army!

What I want you to ask is to join me in fun, slow and entertaining campaign. Building up again the story of the land of the Lady. Lets convert and paint miniatures corresponding to every dukedom, make them famous and write a piece of story for each of them. Lets play some games with them in our local clubs, sheds or rooms. Lets make them little special rules, lets make them ours!

How do I see it? Obviously, I am the King, anointed by the Lady herself and there is no question about this. I know you may find the idea of a king residing in Mousillon bit… creepy but it is what it is. Or do you really want to argue with me standing in front of my 265 Knights of the Realm? Exactly.

Where do we start then? We got 14 Dukedoms:

Mousillon – King Maldred the Blade

Couronne – taken

Bastonne – taken



Carcassonne – taken



L`Anguille – taken

Quenelles – taken




Aquitaine – taken


And we need to find Dukes to rule the land in the name of the king and the lady. Sooner is better than later. How do you claim your land? Convert, paint and write a short history of your character and post it on facebook page or send me an email. I will mark provinces taken by each of you. Remember, a miniature of the duke has to be unpainted today! Once we find a Duke for each province, we will organize tournament to claim the titles.

I know some provinces are more popular than other, so please be considerate if your choice is already taken 😉

What which is sacrosanct I shall preserve… That which is sublime I will protect… That which threatens, I will destroy… For my holy wrath will know no bounds!

Games will be based either in WFB environment or in AoS. It doesnt really matter what game do you prefer. Any questions? Please comment! For all of you that need some inspiration, stories and Bretonnian fluff, click the shield, small surprise 😀