Brace yourselfs brother knights! Age of Sigmar is here and with this new time we have a new codex.

Bretonnia Warscrolls Compendium

Bretonnia Warscrolls Compendium


As we all Bretonnians I am not so exited with new rules for Warhammer but with new set of rules regarding our units. Just only slight bit of fresh touch to our army and my heart is singing with joy 🙂

Yes, with joy. To be honest I can`t really stand all those sad people moaning about how ridiculous new game is, how unbalanced, how “childish”, how…I mean: what da fak? This is really funny reading all your serious comments guys. All complaints, anger, threats towards GW, sadness, depression…

I had a hell of a night yesterday reading facebook comments about new system and Bretonnia warscrolls compendium and other armies special abilities like drinking for Bugman, moustache, talking to your mini or kneeling with chalice and praying Lady of the Lake. Yo yo, serious and sad people down there, there is a hint: your mini will not talk you back so you will not get this re-roll. That means it was NOT PLANNED for this mini to have this ability, it is just funny blink of an eye from old Warhammer where it used to be cheekey and funny. I wish there would be more like this: Nurgle followers farting or dwarves burping, elves keep a stiff upper lip and so on.

Concerned with not having moustache? Buy some artificial one from the 99p store if you really MUST win, you empire wanker 😀

I love how the new system works. We have ready-made units (like you ever used different kind of heroes in your games brothers…we all used only one true builds and all units have the same banners and equipment) that you can combine however you wants. Skirmish system makes this game very dynamic and the fact you don`t use points value now means you can finally put some units you have never been brave to use with old system because they sucked so much! My intuition tells me this will be super nice system to play casual games with friends where you can finally develop your sense of adventure.

Afraid of idiots exploiting powergaming sense of play? DO NOT PLAY WITH PEOPLE LIKE THAT! seriously, what is the problem to talk before the battle what will you like to play with? Reading through facebook comments I got this feeling that there is only tournament scene and nothing else.

Now, lets end this rant, I am going to rebase my knights from squares to round bases 🙂

See you on the battlefield!