…we know your facebook fan pages.


And we are going to harass all your quasi social media ninjas with reminding comments about your long forgotten and the most loyal customers.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am simply fed up with next 40k release and GW workers passivity on various Games Workshop Shops facebook fan pages. I got an idea. Please copy this text:

Please, can I have some information about Bretonnia army future army book release? It is 11 years since we had the last army book. Selling it along with miniatures worth sometimes few hundred pounds is some kind of a contract between me as a customer and you as a seller. This contract is a promise of developing this product along with other of your wide offer. If your company is no longer able or willing to release new version of rules and miniatures, why don`t you just tell me? Keeping infinite silence about the product in XXI century social media reality and modern customer service custom seems as complete lack of respect towards thousands of your loyal customers.

open your facebook by clicking this picture and paste it at as many GW stores pages as you can:

dear games workshopI am fully aware it might be pointless but at least we can give some pressure to guys directly connected with GW HQ. If they will feel uncomfortable to open their facebook fan pages each morning and give them a little bit of itchin` at their arse while drinking morning coffee, maybe they will call somebody in GW Shining Tower and pass them how some if their clients desperate are?

Anyway, have you got anything better to do after 11 years of collecting your army?