It`s been 11 years since the Royal Court had it`s sitting last time.

Anarchy in Bretonnia

Unrest in Kingdom is common and bands of knights riding, pillaging and killing their own folk without hesitation and regret take place everywhere in the country. But it is not only for lower nobility that vile deeds and atrocity happens. Daily basis violence and contempt for even noble`s life spreading like plague. Some say that even letters between few dukedoms had been sent. And answered.

Answered with no regret, no respect for royal order but with promise of anarchy. When there is no master to control ambitions of the highest members of court, no state authority to keep internal politics intact and restrain the desire of most vicious knights to rule others with ruthless power and violence something very wrong might happen.

black_knight_by_shoaibbhimani-d5rzo1hThere are rumors of army gathering secretly, recruiting all manner of villain knights, bandit peasants, accursed whores calling themselves “sorceress” and even some empire mercenaries using gun powder!

They are wearing grim colors of evil: black and red with no heraldry, the identity of perpetrators hidden. And they are ready to take the kingdom of Bretonnia for themselves!

Ok, I think I`ve managed to kick away my grief and anger with GW and gonna start my new project with traitorous knights of Bretonnia theme. Idea is to build an army without any heraldry allowing enemies (still loyal pussy knights) to identify knights taking part in the anarchy plot. My knights gonna be very angry, dangerous, vile, corrupted and modern. I will use empire mortars for my trebuchets, gun dwarfs for archers and other mercenaries in place of pegasus knights (I got no idea what to use as replacement but it`s good, will keep me thinking!).

So let`s back to hobby, shall we?