11 years with the same Army Book.
Bretonnia kights

Last few months with my 40k army I`ve achieved much more then during 16 years of my hobby with Bretonnians. My Chaos Space Marines are collected to decent point value, assembled, painted and gained a proper place in our local club Escalation League. I have fun with this army. And it is time for me to start a new project.

I can say this will not be Bretonnia.

I always keep some £100 for upcoming new releases just to be sure I will not miss any nice miniatures but since 2013 I haven`t spent any single penny for this purpose. I was waiting for Bretonnia`s a new book, for a army deal, for unit of new knights or some hero.

And fucking nothing. Just some stupid rumors.

Yeah, go o then, post some of your unknightly rants.