The best Knights of Bretonnia.

Let me introduce the first blog entry about the best painted armies of Bretonnia you can find around internet.

Bretonnia army theme banebeast_D-4573

I don`t like to read forum post and find some expired thumbnails telling me “Sorry, image is available no more. It was removed by the user or expired” Especially when I am looking for some beautiful and inspiring pictures of Bretonnian armies. This is why I always try to save images on my computer for future reference. But finding wordpress account so nice and generous with free web space, I get an idea of creating an almanah of the best Bretonnian Armies from around the world. I always give full credit to authors and owners of armies published here, with links to their blogs, forums or internet galleries. If you have some saved bookmarks, links and forum topics about nicely painted Bretonnians, let me know in comments 🙂 But enough of talking, here is the first army.

Army of Dukedom of Mousillon under command of Sir Roland.

Painted by Banebeast_D Damon.

You will find more info here.