Fed up with waiting for a new army book? Join the Crusade!

bretonnia crusade-1280

The very first video:

Here we have some explanation, what is all about:

Here are the rules:

And here we have some first participants from around the world:

I think this idea of Bretonnia Crusade is just awesome. After years of stagnation and laziness of Bretonnian players (because of lack of new rules, new models and general no-interest of GW policy) we just sat in our castles, make ourself`s comfortable at soft and more and more luxurious thrones.

When one finds no incentives to make more hobby with Bretonnia because of this stupid Games Workshop silence policy there comes a fantastic guy with his more fantastic youtube videos: The Sustainable Center and starts this massive crusade event.

I will join for sure. Unfortunately at the beginning I will not participate with games. I promised myself not put my bretonnians on the table until I paint them for gaming points. My plan is to get 500pts first so expect the first battle report in May. Until then plan is to paint 3 Knights of the Realm, 4 Pegasi and 10 bowmen. Expect some blog entries with tutorials just for Bretonnian Crusade event 🙂

If you are a London, UK, WFB player and want to have a game, just send me an email: dukeofmousillon@gmail.com I am always willing to play 🙂