We might be old fashioned but still, lets go social!

bretonnia facebook

Why post like this? Looking at stats of this blog I see people from around the world:

bretonnia mapI am so happy that you all ending up looking at my clumsy attempts to blog writing, nothing better than knowing you all in some way get to this tiny bretonnian place in the internet. Founding out this I wish we could interact more than by comments on blog.  So here is my facebook:

bretonnia facebook


Here we are at Google+

bretonnia googleAnd here is google community:

bretonnia communityI know there is already a place for all bretonnians but I believe more is better than less in case of our long forgotten army. More social media buzz (pictures, discussions, connections etc.) we `ll do is better.

I ask you to click “likes” and “+”, share pages, posts and ask your friends to join because this blog will be not only about my black&yellow knights 😉