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It is easy.


Naked bretonnian lance is a blasphemy. Blasphemy against aesthetics, against bretonnian knightly myth and against reason. Our knight must be seen in the frey. To whom glory and honour belongs must be obvious instantly. Bretonnian lance “adorned” with pennants and banners made of flat paper is a crime also (after few trips to hostile territories paper will brake and paint will spall). So what to do if you want to have a proper, nice and natural good looking lances adorned with pennant?

Try my way of making dynamic and resistant to damage pennants. I use transparent plastic of some candy boxes, semiflexible, not too hard and sturdy.

bretonnian banners 2But first things first. At the very beginning we have to clean plastic off all grease and dirt with warm water and soap. Then we can cut it for proper size and desired shapes:

bretonnian banners 3

When we get the shape cut with scissors it is important to make all edges we want to glue to lances  in perfectly straight line, use flat modelling files for that purpose. It is very important to have parallel contact line between pendant and shaft of a lance to get the most of the glue power:

bretonnian banners 4

When we are ready with that, we can fire up our candle and start bending pennants. Be careful not to melt plastic too much:

bretonnian banners 5

Now it is time to connect pennants with lances. I use UHU glue “The all Purpose Adhesive” in connection with Super Glue. Apply thin layer of UHU on pennants and lances, wait about half a minute and after that give a small droplet of Super Glue and stick together.

bretonnian banners 6

And voila:

bretonnian banners 7

You can strengthen the connection with green stuff a little bit. I usually do it but today I just found out that my green stuff has gone 😉