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“…Thou shalt give unto thine glorious liege the taxes that he requires.

Thou shalt labour all but feast days,

Ano no more than a tenth-share shall you keep for kith and kin.

Rejoice! For a knight of Bretonnia provides you shield…”


I am not a big fan of playing with blocks of infantry but I could not resist the overall image of Perry bretonnian men-at-arms infantry models. Even I will rather not field this unit, I decided to paint 10 models with full command group and make myself a unit just for show purpose. So here is my first man at arms.

Painting was quite simple, although not the fastest one.

bretonnia_men_at_arms_6 bretonnia_men_at_arms_1 bretonnia_men_at_arms_2 bretonnia_men_at_arms_3 bretonnia_men_at_arms_4 bretonnia_men_at_arms_5

If you have any questions about painting, just ask in comments 🙂 Thanks for viewing!