Maldred, Duke of Mousillon

Maldred, Duke of Mousillon

I just realised an army needs the general. There was only one obvious choice for such character – Maldred, Duke of Mousillon. Affair of the False Grail is one of most interesting stories from land of Bretonnia. Some may think it was conducted by Vampires, others may think it was under influence of Chaos and I am in the second group. According to fluff or not, I think Maldred was influenced by slaaneshian beliefs and at the end of his life was a Slaanesh follower. Who would feast, party and celebrate ultimate orgy being besiged by entire Bretonnian army? So here we are: bretonnian knight in slaaneshian style armour and some minor mutations.

Parts used:

  • 6th edition bretonnian warhorse
  • 6th edition great sword from Empire Militia
  • Chaos Knights small breastplate
  • Warriors of Chaos hands
  • Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Steed body
  • Hellstraiders head
  • Green Knight banner poles
  • Bretonnian Knights shield

And this is how it looks from multiple sides:

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