How to start bretonnian army.

Border patrol for Bretonnia

I have found a link on GW website for rules of Border Patrol:

Border Patrol Rules of Engagement

Your Border Patrol force must meet the following conditions:

Army Limitations

  • Armies can have no more that 500 points worth of models
  • You must have at least one Core Unit
  • You may have one Hero costing up to 150 points but no more than one
  • Your Hero may spend up to 25 points on Magic Items
  • No Special Characters allowed
  • You must have one infantry unit (on foot) of at least ten models (except in this case of Ogres)
  • You may spend the remaining points in more Core units and a maximum of one Special or one Rare unit (no one of each)
  • All Magic Using models in your army may not have a total of more than two levels of Magic
  • Swarms do not count towards the minimum number of Core choices
  • Bretonnians do not have to have a Battle Standard
  • Tomb Kings can have either a Prince of Liche Priest as a General

Keeping in mind all rules above, I decided to go for a starting list to be painted. It looks like that:

Paladin with Cuirass of Fortune on a horse with a morning star and shield 98pts 
10 Bowmen 60pts
5 Knights of the Realm 120pts
4 Pegazi Knights 220pts

I will use morning star because I have a model of Knight of the Realm Hero being painted right now and I want everything in my list 100% WYSIWYG. He is almost ready, I do plan to finish him next week 😉

And what about you? If you had a plan to start bretonnian army again, what would you start with?