Converted Questing Knight

bretonnia questing knight conversion-194618

Some of bretonnian players might find Questing Knights useless under current edition and army book. I do agree with some tactical weaknesses they present but… in term of how does our knights look like what choice do we really have to distinguish our units? Poor to be honest.

How does our knights differ? Knights Errand- no helmets, Knights of the Realm- helmets with some neatness, Grail Knights-  helmets with a little less of neatness 😉 Yes, in term of modelling our miniatures do not impress much although they look impressive on the battlefield. Of course, one will say, we can paint each kind of knights with more complex heraldry, more colour and more splendour. But sometimes it is not enough.

And there comes the option to include Questing Knights in our army. Swapping a lance for a great sword looks very different from all lanced knights in our armies. I like it a lot! As much that I consider to include one unit for 2000pts rooster.

I have made this knight as many before me. Just a simple imperial sword swap, gnoblar part, some Lord of the Ring shield and a little bit of green stuff. Now it time to painting:

bretonnia questing knight conversion-194611

bretonnia questing knight conversion-194603

bretonnia questing knight conversion-194638

bretonnia questing knight conversion-194628

bretonnia questing knight conversion-194618