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Gallant of Knights of the Realm unit

Bretonnia army theme

My firs mini for Bretonnia army. This is conversion with parts from Empire Knightly Orders box set and some Ogre Kingdoms set (just the shield holding a lance).

Horse`s head, knight`s head, knight`s arm and sword swap from Empire, skull mantle is from Marauders of Chaos box.

I kept black-yellow painting theme for this knight resembling Mousillon province. Whole army is going to be in this theme. I Bretonnia army book we have heraldry info about Maldred of Mousillon, he has 6 knights under his command:

  • Earl Burden the Wild (yellow 2 crosses and fleur-de-lys on black)
  • Ganelon (three fleur-de-lys on white)
  • Matthias the Villainous Warden (passing yellow/blue fleur-de-lys)
  • Evroul (half blue/red with white three fleur-de-lys)
  • Godun Victor of Drakkar ( six blue fleeur-de-lys on white)
  • Mallobaude ( yellow snake on black)

My plan is to make one unit of Knights of the Realm for each knight. It will take six units of Knights of the realm to make.

This Gallant here is from Mallobaude unit:

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