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Because 20th of January is a good day to start.

I remember this day when the first time in my life my friend had shown me Citadel Miniature of Bretonnian Knight of the Realm Hero. I was barely 17 years old. Today I am 32 and this is almost twice of my age then, this mini is still with me. Repainted few times, most of the time laying in a box untouched by a paintbrush. Betrayed by Hordes of Chaos, Skaven, Dark Elves, Empire, High Elves and recently by Chaos Warriors.

Bretonnia army painting blog

But I made my promise one day to my cousin: I will paint Bretonnian army some day. I will paint it to the highest standard I can to honour my memories from my late childhood. I want to be that boy again, looking at my knights with banners, proudly galloping through a battlefield, to feel the excitement of upcoming meeting with friends to play a game. And of course, being a little bit vainglorious I want people to look at my army wit awe 😉